Boxing Hall of Fame Trainer Freddie Roach OK After Cowardly Attack!

Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios

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Boxing Hall of Fame Trainer Freddie Roach ok after cowardly attack

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Coach Butch Rinaldi & Hall of Fame Boxing Trainer Freddie Roach


The Pacquiao and Rios camps are sharing a gym for their upcoming bout on Sunday.

Freddie Roach said that Brandon Rios trainer Robert Garcia started the trouble.

“Robert Garcia was on our time. They said ‘we’re not leaving for half an hour’. I said our gym time is from 11 o’clock every day. He said I don’t give a f—. He said don’t disrespect us. I said you’re disrespecting me cause this is our time.”

During the argument Pacquiao’s former strength & conditioning coach Alex Ariza (who was fired by Freddie Roach last september) kicked Freddie Roach in the chest.

After the cowardly act Alex Ariza is trying to say Freddie was coming at him but the video shows Freddie wasn’t even looking in Ariza’s direction. Ariza is also saying it was also because Roach was hurling racial epithets at them, none of which shows up on video.

After the cowardly attack by Ariza; Roach said “One of the bodyguards, I don’t know his name but he’s a strong Mexican kid, starts yelling and screaming ‘get out of the f—— gym.’ I said what are you? The Mexican tough guy?”

That’s the remark that the Rios camp is calling racist. To which Roach responded “What is racist,” asked Roach. “I said what are you a Mexican tough guy. Is that racist? “Is that cause I’m a white guy?” Roach added. “You make the race issue such a big deal. That was way after the fact.”


“And then Alex Ariza comes over starts making fun of my Parkinson’s.

In the video Ariza was heard mocking Roach’s speech difficulties, saying, “Get over here, you stuttering prick!”

When asked if he was going to sue Ariza, Roach responded “Someone told me it might affect the fight. I don’t sue people.


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