8 Reasons to Start Boxing classes in Flushing Queens.

8 Reasons to Start Boxing classes in Flushing Queens at Butch’s Boxing & MMA.

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  1. 30 DAY FREE TRIAL: That’s right you pay nothing for 30 days if after that YOU LIKE US, YOU SIGN UP.
  2. Free 1 on 1 lesson: With one of our USA Boxing approved coaches.
  3. Family Atmosphere: Created by building supportive relationships based upon common goals & mutual respect.
  4. Convenient Class Schedule: Morning & evening class six days a week.
  5. 4000 sq. foot Professional Facility: Boxing Ring, Matted Floor, Heavy Bags, Speed Bags, Double End Bags, Climbing Ropes, Free Weights, Weight Machines, Treadmills & Elliptical.
  6. Competition Tested Techniques: You will learn the same techniques that our fighters have used to win the Golden Gloves & other boxing tournaments.
  7. Specialized Beginner/Novice Curriculum: You will learn in friendly controlled environment, you won’t be anyone’s punching bag.
  8. No egos: tuff guy attitudes & bullies are not welcome.


Why don’t other schools offer a 30 day free trial… because they are NOT confident in their product.

I am not running a charity… I offer a 30 days free trial because I am 100% positive that when you come to our gym – you will love it. You will try us out and join our gym. This is not a gamble to me – I know you will love our boxing classes in Flushing Queens.


Get started now call

Butch’s Boxing & MMA at 718-461-6400


Boxing in Queens

Boxing in Queens NY

Coach Butch Rinaldi & Hall of Fame Boxing Trainer Freddie Roach



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