What If Your Child Is Bullied In Whitestone Queens?

What If Your Child Is Bullied In Whitestone Queens?Bully proof in Queens NY


Many Children are too embarrassed to tell their parents that they are being bullied. If your child tells you that they are being bullied, please take it serious. It’s probably been going on for a while before they finally speak up.


Some of the warning sign to watch for are:

Fake illness to stay home

Are withdrawn

Have lost friends

Grades are slipping a drop in grades

Don’t want to participate in activities they used to enjoy


If your child has told you that they are being bullied or you suspect they are, here are some ways to help:

Have a talk with your child’s teacher

Teach your child nonviolent ways to deal with the bully

Look for a bully proof seminar for your child

Enroll your child in a Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts class (not so they can beat up the bully, but to give them more confidence) & so they can protect themselves.



There are many martial arts/ karate/mixed martial arts & boxing gyms in Bayside Queens NY. Do your homework all are not created equal.

Helping a bullied child is not just about punching & kicking; it’s more about confidence & self-worth. Make sure you find a place where your child will have fun, make friends and learn anti-bulling techniques.


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